martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

From – OSHO WORK Team, Pune. INDIA

Osho Ashram is on final countdown of transfer its properties by the way of gift development sell in dubious manner in Pune (Poona). This process is initiated by the present trustees of the Osho International Foundation, bea ...ring registration no. F 14570 of Mumbai. This trust is holder of properties of Osho Ashram at Pune, Maharashtra, India

We have filed an application in the court of Honorabl ...e itable Commissioner at Mumbai in order to investigate an application being filed by the said Osho International Foundation trust. Our purpose for this objection is to Save Osho Premise at Pune.

We need your support and vote. Please visit www.oshowork.org for details.

From – OSHO WORK Team, Pune. INDIA

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